Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Urban Decay NAKED Palette!!!

Yes, I caved. Yes, I had to make it mine. Yes, it's worth every penny!

What is there to say about this palette that hasn't already been said?? Urban Decay came out with their Naked palette this summer, and it was an instant hit amongst all make-up lovers, blogs, and youtube videos alike. Even though this is a permanent item, it sold out quickly...and is still apparently difficult to get a hold of? I know that when I first started to become interested in it a few weeks ago, I checked every Sephora within my area, and none of them had it in stock. The palettes are even sold out online! I just went to Sephora again yesterday, and yup, still out of stock.

Coincidentally, I happened to stop by my nearest Ulta for the first time a few weeks ago and came across an Urban Decay display. Lo and behold! THREE Naked palettes left! I grabbed one for myself, and notified my friends who have also been looking for it. Unfortunately, I must have gotten lucky that day because by the time one of them got there, they were all sold out--and still are. I checked the Ulta again yesterday, too. Lol.

I've been putting off this review for as long as I have because I didn't want to swatch the colors. Does anyone feel this way?? Whenever I have a pretty palette, I take the longest time to use it because I don't want to disturb its original state!

So for the past, oh, 3 weeks? Naked palette has been in its plastic package, only taken out occasionally for me to admire but not use. :P

And admire it I have. This is the most sophisticated-looking palette that Urban Decay has put out to date. It looks very sleek with its brown velvet-feeling cover and gold font. It just feels and looks very luxe and elegant!

The description on the back

The set comes with the actual eyeshadow palette and UD's cult favorite Eyeshadow Primer Potion on the side

Isn't the mini bottle absolutely adorable??

Typical Primer Potion wand

And now, the moment of truth....

...The inside!!!

Left side of the palette

Right side~

Now for the swatches! I hesitated a bit before I dipped my finger into the shadows, but now that I have, I can't wait to start using them!

I'm sure you've already read a lot about this palette on other blogs, so I'll keep it short and sweet. Like always, Urban Decay eyeshadows didn't fail me. The colors are rich, pigmented, blend well, and are extremely wearable. I really really love this palette, even though they're all neutrals, because it's something that I'll actually use. Usually their other palettes have bright colors that I wouldn't use, but I see myself utilizing every shade in this palette for both day and night time looks. The palette is both office-appropriate and, with a little more shadow packed on, good for a night on the town.


From left to right: Virgin (nude satin), Sin (champagne shimmer), Naked (buff matte), Sidecar (beige sparkle), Buck (brown matte), Half Baked (bronze).

Smog (golden brown shimmer), Darkhorse (bronze-plum shimmer), Toasted (taupe-bronze), Hustle (mocha shimmer), Creep (near-black metallic, Gunmetal (dark gray metallic).

The set also comes with a dual-sided 24/7 liner in Zero (black) and Whiskey (reddish-brown; this is a new shade). Urban Decay's liners are great (wide range of color choices, good opacity and staying power), so I was happy to have this included.

The shade that's in almost everyyyy Urban Decay palette. It's ok, but I prefer my Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes.

This is Whiskey. I have a 24/7 liner in Bourbon, which is a more cool-toned brown with sparkle. I think I like Bourbon more.

Swatches of Zero and Whiskey

Swatch arm :P

There's no denying it, this is quite possibly my favorite palette that I own. For once, the product is worthy of its hype. Good thing it's a permanent item! Urban Decay, you need to hurry up and ship out more of these babies. The people are waiting!

And while you're doing that, do you think you could ship out a couple hundred more Alice in Wonderland palettes too?? :)


  1. I like the eye pallette! nice colors, I think I need to had to the stores haha...