Saturday, September 11, 2010

Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense #36

Today is all about the last of the three Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense lipsticks that I picked up. Unlike her sisters #37 and #38, which I picked up as an afterthought (reviews and swatches here and here), I went into Sephora knowing for sure that I wanted #36 after reviewing the colors available online. I had been looking for the perfect, shimmer-free hot pink, and never found exactly what I was looking for until MUFE came out with this line.

Straight out of the tube, #36 already looked promising. It's bright, bold, and without a hint of sparkle. Yay!

Performance-wise, it's just as pigmented and long-lasting as I expected. I was and continue to be really impressed with this line of lipsticks.

This is a swatch of #36 next to a swatch of the go-to fuchsia that I had before: Lancome Color Fever in Rock Icon Fuchsia. While I still love my Lancome, it has a blue sheen to it that made it darker than I wanted in a hot pink lipstick. I never classified it as anything other than FUCHSIA. The MUFE is perfect in that it is pure hot pink on the lips!

Here's #36 on my lips. For some reason, its daring color brings out different sides in me. ;) I initially wanted a hot pink lipstick to wear for nights out instead of the typical nude or red. This is definitely a fun color that's great for night time when worn in its full glory, but at the same time, it looks beautiful during the day time when you pat it on sparingly like a stain.

This is a more blurry, unfocused swatch, but the lip color shown is actually more true-to-life than the swatch above. BRIGHT, right?

I told you this lipstick brings out different sides of me! :P I feel almost like a rock star with this color. Paired with a light steel/gunmetal smoky eye or a defined cat eye with black liquid liner, #36 would complete the look nicely.

Here's the nicer side of the lipstick. :D Unfortunately, my camera isn't good enough to pick up the true richness of the pink. In fact, it drastically washes out the color :/

This one makes me the happiest out of the 3 Rouge Artist Intense lipsticks I have! Though I no longer have endless summer nights to wear this, I'll gladly transition this bold shade into autumn. It's definitely atypical to wear a shade like this during autumn and winter. After I bought this though, it was mentioned in Allure's Daily Beauty Reporter as one of the Top 5 Fall Trends. So I guess I'm not the only one who thinks hot pink is appropriate for warming up colder days? ;) Who needs scarves and mittens when this smoking color is on your lips? Haha!

Have a great weekend everyone! If you get the chance, definitely go check out #36!


  1. The fuchsia/pink color is so fitting on you!!! :D You have such a sweet smile :) The intensity of the lipstick is crazy!! I have to check out MUFE's line of makeup. I haven't been to Sephora in awhile.

  2. I have this lippy and it's super gorgeous one of my fave hg lippys. I have three gorgeous hot pink tops and sweaters that matches the color to a tee and every time I wear it with this lipstick (adding a gloss on top it that just intensives the color it's so vibrant and WOW) I get so many compliments I love it!lol