Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'm not dead

The reasons for my lack of updates:

First art project I've ever had to do in a college upper division English class

Making little $100 bills for my 9/11 theme
And re-skimming these books for the actual written final...this class was really interesting! 9/11 literature...I've never read anything from that genre before so it was eye-opening

Still checking other people's updates regardless of the lack of mine :P
After that, it was Shakespeare Shakespeare Shakespeare....
Then a lot of Philosophy of Science....
The boy left his stuff all over the floor while studying at my place
An ESSENTIAL for combatting those finals week break outs....lots and lots of water!!! I kept refilling my pink Brita filter every so often
The boy's idea of study food....Korean ramen and Ramune. This drink is the most carbonated soda I've ever had! Tastes like yummy bubblegum :)

Dinner has to be easy when times are hectic....throw some rice in the pot and packaged grilled eel from the Nijiya market into the oven...30 minutes later you have dinner, along with some mentaiko (marinated fish roe) and Korean seaweed on the side. Super delicious!

Has anyone ever tried this? I used it last year during finals week, and it kept me awake for the 3 days when I didn't get any sleep. This year I decided to be more nice to my body and only took a small sip whenever I was dying from sleep deprivation. Pretty lethal stuff
After finals weeks, I had graduations, birthdays, and a lot of recovering to do. More posts on those later!

Oh! But I did get some new headbands from K-town a few weeks ago :)

A cute yellow bow~

Hello Kitty headband! I use this to pull back my bangs when I'm washing up in the morning and evening
Finally, a more flamboyant headband. I got this one to wear on my birthday :) Yes, I'm still very much a kid at heart. I wanted something reminiscent of my childhood birthday tiaras! Haha

Now that summer has officially started for me, I will post more often! Even though I'm taking three classes this summer, I'll do my best to keep this blog alive :)