Monday, September 20, 2010

MAC Viva Glam Cyndi Lipglass

When MAC collaborated a few months ago with Cyndi Lauper and Lady Gaga to create 2 Viva Glam lipsticks, I was really excited to check out the collection and possibly pick up something. Cyndi Lauper is responsible for one of my all time favorite songs, one that even my mom knows and loves, which is why I grew up listening to it: "Time After Time" :)

I ended up getting the Cyndi lipstick, since its soft coral red proved to be more wearable on me than Gaga's more pale baby pink. I've been wearing it on and off ever since. I really liked it because it transitions beautifully from season to season and from day to night. It looks great both in warmer and colder seasons thanks to its coral tinge, which keeps it from looking straight red.

Then, when I heard recently that MAC was also coming out with Cyndi and Gaga lipglasses in the same shades as the lipsticks, I was as excited as the first time I heard of the collaboration. Again, I tried both Cyndi and Gaga, but ended up with the Cyndi lipglass for the same reason: it's just easier to wear.

The lipglass comes with MAC's typical doe foot applicator, and the formula, also typical of lipglasses, is on the stickier side. I usually hate sticky lipglosses, but I found that I don't mind as much in this case because it helps with the staying power.

The Cyndi shade is so pretty! Here's a swatch of the lipglass (left) and the lipstick (right). As you can see, the gloss is more opaque than the lipstick, but on the lips it looks juicy and bright without going overboard.

On my lips

See? Nice! :)

I think this picture shows the color better. You can really see the coral here~

Overall, I'm loving it. It goes nicely with my Cyndi lipstick. On its own, the lipglass adds a shiny pop of color to the face. Paired with a lipstick underneath, the coral red is intensified and looks even more gorgeous. I would definitely recommend checking out/picking up Cyndi in either lipstick or lipglass form (or even better, both!). Then, go listen to an oldie but goodie as you put it on :)


  1. Cyndi is one of my fav lipsticks and the lipglass looks just as gorgeous!! Too bad mac lipglasses are sticky but I might get one anyways hehe

  2. i waaant cyndi too! i missed out on it, i always do! MAC addicts are just so fast here. hahaha :P

    it looks so good on you susie! that lip swatch is beautiful, the lipglass really made your lips look plump ang juicy! :D

  3. awwww i hv always thought cindy looks ugly but u pull it off!:)
    i envy u!my lips is too small to wear any bright lippie

  4. I'm so jealous~~ ^^;;;;; you pull off bright/bold lip colour so well~ but i never can haha..