Wednesday, October 14, 2009

playing catch up 10/14/09

Things I have been loving lately:

Rimmel 60 Second Vinyl Shine nail polish in 874 Zenith. I've had this baby for YEARS...I can't remember when I got it, but it's been hiding out in my neglected nail polish stash. I have so many new ones to try that sometimes I forget about old favorites...does that ever happen to you?? Anyway I'm glad I rediscovered it!

Two coats on my toes. I really like this purple polish; at some angles you can see a cool blue tinge.

It was ok, but then I decided to up the ante and add a layer of the holographic top coat that I have yet to try. Suddenly my toes were blinged out and dazzling! Too bad this bad photo doesn't do it the sunlight it sparkles wayyyyy more

Picked up this EOS lip balm sphere from Rite Aid last week. Isn't it adorable?? This one is Honeydew Honeysuckle flavor. Smells so good! It reminds me of those Korean melon bars...mmm.. :)

SIGH....too bad the quality of the cuteness doesn't extend to the product itself. The actual lip balm isn't very moisturizing, rubs off quickly, and isn't emollient enough to spread on the lips easily. So sad! I wanted this balm to work for me. Now, I'm mostly using it because I like it the way I would like a toy: fun to play with but not practical.

BUT I did get some Thrifty ice cream while at Rite Aid! Black Cherry flavor :) I love Rite Aid ice cream, it's so cheap but yummy at the same time! And the shape is kind of cool

One of my roomies brought back this box of chocolates from Switzerland. OMG they were the best truffles I have ever tasted! I wish American chocolate could taste like this :(

And look at this beautiful tin box! A nice departure from those paper See's Candies boxes, eh?

The same roomie also got these bags of colorful little pellets that turn into those tapioca-like spheres when soaked in water for 4 hours. They're supposed to be used for decoration, but I have been tempted so many times to eat them! Don't you wish boba could look these colors??

Random picture. Find Gracie! :)


Something I have NOT been liking lately:

Sephora by OPI matte nail polish in Domestic Goddess. I bought this in hopes of getting a pretty purple matte. Instead, what I got was chalky ugliness. I was so disappointed! I took this one off first chance I got. It doesn't look too bad in this picture, but in real life, it was bad enough for the boy to ask me what I was wearing on my fingers. And he usually doesn't notice my nail color unless it's super pretty or super ugly. This time it was the latter. I'll be sticking to Zoya for matte polishes from now on. I realized that I don't like OPI's mattes. Just personal preference I guess

Monday, October 5, 2009

If you're looking for me....

.....I'm with the girls on the dance floor~ (love that Far East Movement song!)

Random post: Before I went back to school my older girl cousins decided to take me out for a girls' night at the club...Now I am not a clubbing kind of girl in any way...since I turned 21 I've only been to the club 3 times, twice in Vegas and the third time is with my cousins. Before THAT, I went once, with some friends for a dance-off event. So when I go out, I usually depend on the other girls that I'm with to show me the ropes!

My cousin did my hair and make up and lent me this dress...I used my favorite studded bracelet

Of course we HAD to grub before heading off! This Thai place in San Jose was bombs, I forgot what it was called though. Good food, cheap prices, my type of place! Oh and boba of course :)

Bar area @ Pearl Nightclub

With my lovely cousins!

My cousin took this cool picture in our lounge area....the lights in the club were constantly changing color. This picture reminds me of The Hulk haha

Although I don't club much, I love to DANCE when given the chance!!!

They love me :)

I wish I could recreate the messy bedhead look that my cousin gave me that night....unfortunately I suck at doing hair :(