Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Stila Custom Color Blush

While I like Stila, the brand hasn't ever really come out with anything that got me excited. I have always seen their Kitten shade at the top of every list of make-up must-haves, but never got it because it didn't really appeal to me. I have a Smudge Pot which I thought was ok, but pushed it aside ever since I found my favorite Bare Escentuals Buxom Lash Liner (which, by the way, rocks). My feelings for Stila warmed up considerably a few weeks ago when I was in Sephora and I saw a hot pink flash out of the corner of my eye as I was passing the Stila display. I did a double take and took a look at this eye-popping blush.

Some people are drawn to colorful eyeshadows and collect them in every color of the rainbow. For me, it's all about the cheeks and lips. Normally, I limit eye make-up to eyeliner and mascara or a subtle smoky eye for nights out. My cheeks and lips are where I choose to pump up the drama. I've been looking for the perfect pink blush for a while, and though this wasn't exactly the cute, cotton candy pink that I was searching for, it still instantly grabbed my attention.

According to Sephora's description, Stila Custom Color Blush ($20) is "the first-ever pH-based powder that takes the guesswork out of picking the perfect shade." Its "one-shade-fits-all reacts to individual skin tone and pH to create a perfect, personalized shade. Ultra-blendable, with a velvety-soft finish, this clever powder smoothes the appearance of fine lines, leaving the skin with a natural glow and a luminous, flawless flush."

Hmmm, that's a tall order to claim...a one-shade-fits-all? I was skeptical, but I thought it would be nice on my skin anyway. However, after using it on myself, my sister, and a cousin (all with different skin tones that range from pale to extremely tan), I have to say that the description is correct. The shade looks gorgeous on each of us, and while I can't say much on its claims to smooth fine lines, it does impart a natural-looking flush that I am loving. On my pale skin, it takes on a light pink hue, on my sister's medium skin it turns more peachy, and on my cousin's tan skin it's a more vibrant pink.

In the pan it looks a little scary, but it's actually pretty wearable. You can do one swipe for a sheer flush or layer for pinker cheeks. Here's a swatch on my ring finger.

And this is a swatch on my arm. Mind you, that was a really heavy swatch. It's not actually that opaque on the cheeks. The blush is very blendable and the formulation really is velvety-soft with a luminous finish--not at all chalky. There's no glitter or shimmer, just a nice pink glow.

The packaging is cute too: sleek black with tiny stars on the lid and it comes with a mirror on the inside.

The back of the compact

Applies easily and is quite flattering

With flash. I love how the color shows up with flash, but doesn't require me to look like a clown in real life for it to do so.

And in natural light in front of my window. Not bad, right? Thumbs up to Stila for this blush! +10 points in my book. Maybe now I'll be more likely to browse their display the next time I'm in Sephora. These look pretty interesting...


  1. that a nice concept, its like smashbox's o-glow series, but in powder form! :) i agree, it looks very pretty on you :)

  2. I like their bronzer! I started using this summer and I lava it.

  3. Looks great on you!
    Do you remember what lip color you're wearing here?

  4. Thanks Jackie! I'm wearing Clinique Long Last Lipstick in Watermelon :)