Thursday, September 16, 2010

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick #025 Pink Please

Maybelline came out with their Color Sensational line about a year ago, and since then, I've bought, wore, and loved the ones I got. I never did a review or swatch any of them on this site, so today I want to share with you my favorite shade. :)

It's called Pink Please, and although it's wayyy cheaper than a department store lipstick, its low price does not mean it's low quality. I picked up a back up tube of this because I love it so much.

The packaging looks sleek and the caps come in multiple shades that categorize the lipsticks by different color families. For example, the pink family has these dark pink caps, the neutrals/nudes have brown caps, plums/berries are purple, and the corals/reds have red caps.

For a drugstore lipstick, I'm very impressed. It doesn't dry out my lips, the formula is neither too sheer nor too opaque, there's no weird smell, and there are many colors to choose from.

Personally, I think it swatches a lot darker on the arm than on the lips. This is about 3 layers since I wanted to show the color, but I usually use about 2 layers on my lips.

Love this color! It's noticeably pink, but soft enough that it could also be considered a nude lipstick. Totally appropriate for daytime use and even for the office.

In fact...

I wore it to work today and have been doing so for the past 2 weeks! It's my go-to color right now because it's so easy to use. I just throw one into my bag whenever I go out since I can apply it quickly without a mirror. Plus, it's great when I'm trying to streamline and only want to take one lipstick with me that can transition from day to night.

During the day, it's a natural face with light lips. After work, the only other thing I need is some black or gunmetal eyeshadow to up the volume on the eyes. A swipe of Pink Please and I'm ready to rock a smokey eye/nude lip. Great for when you have to go out right after work!

I've seen the Color Sensational display in every drugstore/Walmart/Target that I've been too, and although there is always a nice array to choose from, I've noticed that a lot of stores do not stock all the colors. For example, my local CVS and Target do not carry Pink Please, but the Walgreen's does. So, you might have to look around if you're searching for a specific shade, but if you just want to try out the line, I would definitely recommend picking up any color that catches your eye. I haven't been disappointed yet!


I stopped by Ulta today and saw Maybelline's Limited Edition display with lipsticks and nail polishes that they created especially for this year's New York Fashion Week. I picked out two items that I particularly liked; can't wait to show them to you!



  1. show me show me! i am not a big lipstick person but you make me want to become one. also i have NEVER seen you driven. its so weird.. do you even have a license or is this posed. haha

  2. hahaha i've had my license since i was 18! it does feel weird to not have jman drive me around, but i've been driving myself everywhere since i moved back home :D

  3. I agree with your review, I bought this shade today and I was deciding between this and Plaza Pink. There were no testers available and I thought that Plaza Pink looked much darker- closer to brown so I chose Pink Please instead. It is bordering on almost nude. I applied lip balm first then layered about 3 coats and it's very sheer.
    I then tried it just by itself on my lips and I found that it's still sheer even with 2 coats. But it is a good go-to shade as you practically don't need a mirror to apply it, just like you said!