Wednesday, September 2, 2009

summer skin

School doesn't officially start for me until the end of September, so until then, I'll still be in summer mode. Here are some things that have made me smile recently :)

*My second excursion to The Golden State. They are still my pick for Best Burger in Los Angeles! This time was especially yummy with a cold Minted Lemonade (for me) and a dark, dark ale (for him) on the side

and a scoop of banana-Oreo ice cream for dessert!

*Driving down Sunset Blvd with my feet on the dashboard on the warm, beautiful evening before I went back home to Norcal...excuse the grody toe nails (grody= my sister's word for gross + dirty)

Just to take a stroll and people-watch in Hollywood

*This cute sight of my little cousin wearing my fedora. By the way, for those who asked, I got it at one of those random stalls at Third Street Promenade but I'm sure you can get it at a regular mall

*Essie polishes in Bermuda Shorts (fuschia) and Shorty Pants (yellow)....these are from last summer, but I still looove them for their bright, fun color. I also have Mini Shorts, which is orange

Too bad this picture of my feet doesn't do any justice for Bermuda Shorts. In real life it's way more vibrant!

*This pretty copper kettle holding utensils at my favorite American BBQ joint in the world, Everett & Jones. I love the whole vibe of the restaurant...they serve their drinks in jam jars and everything feels very homey

*Palm trees at the Jack London Square pier in Oakland


*My 3 year old cousin's Spongebob birthday cake

*Gardening Mama for my Nintendo DS (which goes with me everywhere like my camera and wallet :P). I feel kinda sheepish for admitting this, but I'm OBSESSED. As in playing-until-4-am-obsessed. Then turning it on again first thing when I wake up in the morning. I feel like a kid, sneaking in play time when everyone in the house is sleeping. AAAHH!!

Ok, it's 2am here in California, and I'm off to play 10 minutes of Gardening Mama before retiring for the night... :)


  1. ur cousin is so pretty just like u!hehe
    and nyumm the burgers make me starvinggg.XP

  2. gosh you really made me wanting to try the burger (which i won't be able to do so! urgh!)

    anyway very interesting blog! and you're gorg by the way~

  3. I've got a niece who looks like your cousin..she's so cute...loving the colors of your essie nps....and I've got to try that gardening mama...I've finished all my games and needs a new one...:)

  4. I have to give golden state a try since it's near by :) the essie nail polish looks so pretty

  5. thanks girls! and amynaree, you HAVE to try golden state...i've tried a lot of burgers, and they seriously take the crown!

  6. ahh that good looks so freakin good ! it sucks not having any awesome places to eat around here..especially for good american food. And the cake looks yummy too D: * goes off to find more food*

  7. omg banana oreo, gosh that looks soooo good!

    lucky u that school starts end of sep...but wait u go to UCLA!!!ahck!! so lucky, u must b super smart, would u mind giving me tips, i kinda wish i can get into that school, but im not all that smart...

    cute sandals! and i luv your nails the colors r very pretty, hahaha palm trees, there everywhere, see them everyday lol :p

    and u and your cousin r both so pretty, with great skin, haha luv spongebob :D

    cool DS

  8. Emily- UCLA is a really great school, and one of the reasons is because it's so diverse! There are a lot of different people from all kinds of backgrounds. Not everyone here is super smart, trust me haha. I find that to get into any good school, you need to have the obvious things like a high GPA and SAT score, but you should also try to make yourself stand out by doing extracurricular activities or volunteering! Especially for UCLA, they don't want a student who is just a good test taker, they want someone who has a life outside of school and shows that they make the most of their potential. If your GPA isn't as high as you wish it was, you can make up for it in other ways. And, of course, your personal statement should rock :) If you come from a unique background or have something interesting about yourself that you want to share, that is the place to reveal it. Good luck!