Friday, September 11, 2009

Sephora by OPI in Ocean Love Potion

Have a full day ahead of me, but before I go, a quick view of one of my new nail polishes :D

Sephora by OPI in Ocean Love Potion, described by Sephora as a "Mediterranean turquoise". I likey! It's a cool blue-green that's a nice pop of color but isn't too bright. Btw, this is after 5 days of wear, with a base coat, 2 coats of color, and a top coat...pretty good right?

With flash!


A peek at some of the things I got at Sephora last week, except all the Benefit products, which were given to me. Will be reviewing them shortly!

Also, I've been meaning to try out some drugstore brand mascaras, and this waterproof Cover Girl Lash Blast was first. So far, it's ok, but definitely not up to par with my DiorShow Iconic Extreme Waterproof mascara. The brush's big size makes application a bit messy, and for some reason, I could NOT for the life of me remove it all at the end of the day. Even after waterproof eye makeup wipes and a thorough rinsing in the shower with Cetaphil face wash, there was still some gunk. I guess I have to applaud its staying power, but that's just too much trouble for me! Other than that, it gives pretty good volume and definition, but not as much length as my Dior

Going to the club tonight, so I'll try to make my first FOTD post! :D


  1. It's such a nice nail color. I'll add that to my shopping list :)

  2. That is a really nice color!

    My friend keeps raving about Lash Blast so I bought one, but I havent had time to try it yet!

  3. I have the same mascara and so far the only things that remove it are vaseline or baby oil works best.