Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hair Accessory of the Day 9/2/09

Anyone who knows me in real life knows that I have a penchant for headbands. I don't think I ever left the 2nd grade, because I've been wearing them from then until now. Before all the headband hype generated from Gossip Girl, I've been sporting and collecting this undeniably girly accessory. A lot of my headbands are collected from random places here and there, but a great many of them are from Forever 21. Yea, yea....overlooking the whole sweatshop controversy, you have to admit that F21 has some majorly chic, cool, cute, and awesome stuff. Headbands are one of them. Plus the prices don't break your bank so you can afford to have a wide variety!

Today's featured hair accessory is this cream, vintage-inspired piece. Love! I wore it with a simple white tank, jeans, and gold sandals, but I wish I had a pretty, lacy vintage dress to go with it

Close up, quote taken from F21 website: "This vintage inspired headband is covered with satin and trimmed with twill tape and chiffon ribbon. A jeweled stone sits up top surrounded with pearls and bugle beads"

Silly face just because. By the way, I've been trying to give my skin a rest by not using any foundation other than for special occasions. Moisturizer, SPF, and concealer are a nice reprieve, but I miss the even look I got from my mineral powder :( Excuse the blotches! BUT, I must admit my skin is liking the break


On another note, I have a hair dilemma!

This is what my hair looked like when I last cut it, back in May (picture is just from a series of me and my cousins messing around with the camera after a wedding)....

.....and this is what it looks like now. I hate it! It looks so awkward...shorter in the back than the front! I'm still unsure of whether I should cut it again or not, but even if I don't, I'm still stuck with this weird length until it's long enough for a trim. Any suggestions on how I can cut it or at least style it so it'll look better???

More accessories next time! :)


  1. Hmm perhaps tie up the two sides of your hair into halves? Since its longer than the back of your hair? Or change your parting... well play around with it, i'm sure you'll find a way~

  2. omg, so pretty

    the dress and headband

    u r so pretty :D