Friday, May 15, 2009

Wedding Weekend

Last weekend I flew back home to Norcal for a family friend's wedding. I've come back probably at least once a year for the past 3 years for someone's wedding....seems like all my older cousins/family friends are tying the knot as of late! Anyway, this particular wedding was held in the new Cathedral of Christ the Light. The cathedral is amazinggg...stunning architecture and beautiful religious artwork make this building stand out from any other wedding setting I've ever been to.

Here I am on the way to the church:

Look at this! When you step into the main part of the cathedral, the first thing to capture your attention is the massive hologram-like picture of Christ in the very front of the church. It LOOKS like a hologram, but it's actually thousands of tiny holes put together to form the picture. When sunlight shines through, it becomes this cool view:

The entire ceiling looks like this, so plenty of light shone through:

After the vows and such, my cousins, siblings, and I hung around to explore the church and take some cool pictures :)

There's my little cousin Christine in the middle of all the boys, looking like a boss!!

My mom took these cool pictures of me and my sister...pretty impressive!

After the photography session, we were all starving, so all the cousins piled into a car and drove to In N Out for some grubbbb

Staring contest with Christine!

After that I went home and got ready to go to the I am on the car on the way to the restaurant....

Where I ate the only good reception dish of the night....honey walnut prawns...

Got silly with my brother....

Posed with my gorgeous cousins and sister....

And watched the bride and groom cut the cake and pop the champagne!!!

Afterwards we danced the night away and the next morning I celebrated Mother's Day with my mom before I flew back to LA. Love was in the air all weekend :)

Til later!


  1. aww, u are so pretty!lovely dress!

  2. Gorgeous wedding and gorgeous girl in the photos to as well ;). Great to see you blogging so many photos too! The wedding looked really exciting. I can't wait till I see my cousin's in Canada!!!

    <3 edith

  3. You look stunning! Love your lashes and the beautiful dress! ;)