Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Shu Uemura Haul

As you may or may not know, Shu Uemura had a 20% off sale to celebrate their new website a few weeks ago. I've never bought anything from Shu, but I figured I might as well take advantage of the sale to grab a few things! I've never seen a Shu counter at Sephora, but I've been reading a lot about their highly-raved about lipstick from the Red Collection in RD 165--supposedly the perfect red for all skin tones. That, and the Pink Collection were things that caught my eye when I looked through the site. I decided on two RD 165's (one for me, and one for a dear friend who's also been on the search for a perfect red) and a lippie and lipgloss from the new Pink Collection~

I also got a sample of the Phyto Black Lift Lifting Anti-Wrinkle Essence for signing up on their website

I must admit that part of the reason why I'm so enamored with Shu Uemura is because of the cool packaging of their lipsticks haha. It just looks so modern and unique! I like how it's see-through :)

This is a close-up of the RD 165. I've tried it on my lips and it's a nice bright red, super classy-looking! I'll take more pictures of my lips later to show~

Here's one of the Pink Collection's lippies....I got it in PK 316 which is a warm rosy pink


And a lipgloss also from the Pink Collection in PK 315N, a sheer melon pink

The applicator is stick-straight, how different!

Swatches from left to right: red lippie, pink lippie, and gloss

So far I'm loving my Shu products. I really want to get more! The lipsticks are nicely pigmented and moisturizing. The gloss is not too sticky and the pink color is so cute and pretty. Here I am wearing some lip balm with the pink lipstick on top

I like it! A more natural, wearable pink than my YSL Rouge Volupte Fetish Pink lippie. I don't have to have a mirror to check to see if I'm applying it evenly because it's not as matte or pigmented as the YSL. I've been reaching for it a lot over the past couple of days!


Random photos:

My view from the plane as I was leaving Norcal to go back to LA last weekend....cool view of SF!! There's the Bay Bridge and the City!

After the boy picked me up from the airport, we got some lunch and stopped by my favorite dessert cafe Haus for some sweets. Yum yummm Cheesecake From Heaven is always a must :D

And a delicious patbingsoo~ Korean ice shavings dessert with condensed milk, sweet red beans, fruits, and--that white stuff on top?--yummy chewy ddeok (rice cakes)

This weekend, I had some mad cravings for Mexican food. So for lunch on Saturday I went to my favorite Mexican place and had steak and carnitas tacos.....soooo good

My NYX haul came in last week, so I'll be doing a post on that too. Happy Tuesday!


  1. I love those Shy lippies and can't wait to see you wearing RD 165!

    Wonderful SF and Food pics!

  2. REally nice haul! Wished, we had Shue Uemura at least here in Austria. :|

    I like the pink l/s and gloss. Your lips loo so full and luscious! ;)

  3. hilarious how you refer to him as "The boy"