Sunday, April 19, 2009


Sometimes nothing beats a good juicy burger. That's when Fatburger comes in! I love my In-N-Out, but there's something about Fatburger that I can't deny. There are days when I could swear it tastes even better than In-N-Out!

Sooooo good. I always get mine with no pickles, no mayo, with cheese and a fried egg

Yes, an egg!!! And yes, it's bound to help me down the path to heart disease. But yes, it's absolutely delicious~

One thing about me, no matter how full I am from the meal, I always ALWAYS have room for dessert. I love me some Cheesecake Fantasy in a chocolate dipped waffle bowl from Coldstone

And for those late night cravings, sharing a patty melt, sweet potato fries, and fried macaroni and cheese is perrrrrfect!

Good night :)


  1. Omg my stomach is grumbling now. No cheese? ARE U CRAZYYYYY? Btw egg is a necessity on a hamburger. And sweet potato fries cannot be beat. Im dying inside now.