Wednesday, March 16, 2011

On Heavy Rotation.

A weeks-old picture of my three current favorites when they were still new. I somehow got lucky and managed to grab the last Blush G Serie Noire from the nearest Guerlain counter and the second to last Ombres Perlees eyeshadow palette from Chanel. I winced a little (ok, a lot) when I handed over my debit card, and I reallyreallyreally wish it weren't true, but you really do get what you pay for. The blush and the eyeshadow (especially) are so buttery and apply like a dream. I haven't put them down since they came home with me. As for the nail polish, I set a personal record of 5 weeks in a row when it became all I wanted to reach for as my weekly manicure. I have probably sent myself down a rabbit hole considering this high-end makeup obsession comes attached to some scary price tags (can you say gateway drugs??), but guess what? This Alice continues to knowingly and obligingly follow the white bunny. :)

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  1. anything buttery sounds good to me. is it edible