Thursday, December 3, 2009

Over the weekend I.....

Made and carved a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner....

....along with fresh cranberry sauce, yams & toasted marshmallows, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, and maple bacon biscuits. My sister made corn muffins and we also had ham and assorted veggies :) I use Alton Brown's recipe for roasted turkey every year and it always comes out juicy and flavorful

Went to grab some sushi with an old new love is salmon hand rolls!!

Some more yummy rolls

Was given the most deliciously CRUNCHY macaroon ever, along with a creamy dreamy egg tart

Watched "New Moon" with my sister

Made more maple bacon biscuits with my little cousin <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">So flaky and yummy! I got this recipe from this blog and have been making it nonstop. After I made it the first time for my roommates, they have been requesting over and over that I make it again. I made a batch for a Thanksgiving potluck, and one for the boy's family, and they've been a hit with all. This is worth a try!

How can anyone resist??? Slightly sweet and savory...and buttery and with BACON...yummm...they're best served fresh from the oven but my roomies microwaved leftovers and still devoured them

Helped my mom put up a live Christmas tree...I had to go back to school before she put up decorations, but the next time I'm home for the holidays I'll take a picture of the finished tree. I love live trees because they make the house smell so fresh and comforting...

On the drive back to LA, I encountered many things welcoming the holidays. There was the annual Starbucks red cup (love their seasonal drinks...Gingerbread Latte and Peppermint Mocha are always must-haves for me this time of year)

A customary stop at In-N-Out for a burger and fries...

....with a holiday wrapper :)

Stopped by Century City Mall to pick up some Godiva chocolates and saw a cool Christmas tree made from potted poinsettias

Mall decked out in gorgeous lights at night~


My nails in these pictures are painted with China Glaze in this polish! It's soooo sparkly in real life. I love glitter polishes!


  1. those coookies with bacon looks and sounds delicious..mmmmmm!!

    i love alton brown. I always go through his recipes online whenever I wanna cook something delicious :)

    It looks like you had a great thanksgiving :)

  2. Your food pics always make me drool! =)

  3. Bacon maple biscuits rule. And you rule for making them for all of your loved ones ;-)

  4. What a fab Thanksgiving! Thanks for the food porn and cute family pics! Gotta love Century City Mall (or is that Westfield?!)

  5. thank you for your comments, everyone!

    and jamilla, that is westfield mall in century city :) have you been there?? i thought that you resided in London!

  6. hummmm. i love japonese food!
    i want noooooooooooow!