Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Guerlain Meteorites in Perles Imperials

Picked up this baby during the Sephora F&F Sale--Guerlain Limited Edition Meteorites Powder for the Face in Perles Imperials! This is part of the Winter 09 Collection. I first saw it at the Guerlain store in while I was in Las Vegas, but hesitated to buy it then and there. I love my Meteorites Powder in Mythic, so I was expecting a lot with Perles Imperials.

The packaging itself, as with all Guerlain products, is elegant and beautiful. I love the all-black design

Unfortunately, what I thought were rhinestones on top were actually just holographic indents made to look like rhinestones. NOOOO!!! :( Is it just my particular box??

At least the inside didn't disappoint. This particular powder has mauve, white, pink, and gold spheres in different sizes to help "instantly brighten and even skintone" for a "fresh, sublimely smooth complexion." It gives a "lit from within" glow and helps set your make up. I like using my Meteorites as a finishing touch after foundation, but I usually use it after moisturizer and concealer. Because I don't use foundation every day anymore, this is an essential step in my morning routine because it really does even out my skintone even when I only have concealer on my face! Perles Imperials is a little too sparkly for use during the daytime, so I save it for evenings. Mythic works better for me during the day. Still, this is a nice splurge :)


Quick hair accessory of the day: giant purple flower headband from F21~

I bought this headband a while ago and finally got around to wearing it. It's a huge accessory, so I paired it with a simple purple cardigan and plaid scarf. Perfect for a chilly morning with a hot coffee!


Thanksgiving is tomorrow, what are your plans??? I'm back home in Northern California for the weekend and cooking most of the food for my family tomorrow. I have a turkey being brined as I type, ready for tomorrow. I'm also making roasted garlic mashed potatoes, homemade cranberry sauce, roasted brussel sprouts/carrots/onions, and maple bacon biscuits. My sister is bringing corn muffins and I think we have a ham ready to bake. I can't wait to FEAST!! Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving! <3


  1. the Guerlain meteorites looks nice, u just made me want to try it out! :) and your F21 headpiece is pretty, perfect color for fall! ^_~

  2. Drools! The packaging is very pretty even if the "rhinestones are stickers" :-)

  3. I wish we had thanksgiving here :p

  4. The hairband is so cute! Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. The Guerlain LE Meteorites looks awesome! I hope i can get my hands on one! & your headband is very cute :D
    Happy thanksgiving!

  6. wah!!! so pretty

    your hair is really pretty
    i tagged u

  7. I am really lemming those Meteorites!! I collect them!!

    Love your hair band!

  8. OMG this is sooo gorgeous! Actually, both the hair accesory and the Guerlain Meteorites. So so pretty!