Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Even though I'm bogged down with summer school, I'm still loving my first summer spent in LA. I miss past summers spent at home with family, but this year I felt that I had to experience this city during its prime season...and it's been great! There's something about Southern California sunshine, in all its warm golden glory, that brings about dual feelings of optimism and laziness. I love the fast pace of 10-week classes smashed into 6-week summer morning (!!!) courses... juxtaposed with the freedom and possibilities of the rest of the afternoon and evening~

It allows me to do things like a random cruise down Rodeo Drive...to do nothing more than to do some window-shopping and grab a late afternoon snack :)

In front of the Banana Republic, they have these gorgeous orchids. I love orchids! Especially pristine, elegant white ones

When window-shopping got boring, we decided to grab a drink and appetizers at Cheesecake Factory

His gigantic Fat Tire and my (pretty) potent Lemon Drop. Phew! The bartender didn't skimp :P

First up, fried artichoke hearts with a garlic aioli. I never realized artichokes could be so gooooood~

Then a wild mushroom crostini. I happen to adore mushrooms, so this dish was a winner. I wish the bread was more crunchy, though. It was soggy from an overdose of gravy

Finally, to top it off, the 30th anniversary cheesecake, which has chocolate fudge cake layered with the classic cheesecake and a chocolate ganache swirl on top. It was very rich, which is ok, but after a couple of bites, I had to put down my fork. I like the cocoa powder-stenciled "30th" they included on the plate :)

More strolling around afterwards

So happy because I LOVE SUMMER!!! :D

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  1. I always enjoy looking at delicious food pictures. Yummy! ;)