Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bought a fedora from one of those street vendors at Third Street Promenade about a month's quickly become my staple summer hat! I love it because I can dress it up or down :)

Worn with a studded F21 dress while hitting the town at night in Las Vegas with my girls

Or with Ray Ban aviators during the day....this was also on the way to LV

Better picture of my day outfit worn before I changed to go out (just imagine it with the fedora and aviators haha)...tank and denim vest from F21, shorts from...unknown....sandals from Madden Girl...bag from Fossil

And finally, with a long gray tee and plain black I am waiting to cross the street on Wilshire :)


Turns out the fedora is versatile with other people's styles too!

I think I especially love the casual fedora look on guys with nerdy glasses and summery plaid shorts....very Jason Mraz, wouldn't you say?

More tomorrow! :)

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