Monday, October 5, 2009

If you're looking for me....

.....I'm with the girls on the dance floor~ (love that Far East Movement song!)

Random post: Before I went back to school my older girl cousins decided to take me out for a girls' night at the club...Now I am not a clubbing kind of girl in any way...since I turned 21 I've only been to the club 3 times, twice in Vegas and the third time is with my cousins. Before THAT, I went once, with some friends for a dance-off event. So when I go out, I usually depend on the other girls that I'm with to show me the ropes!

My cousin did my hair and make up and lent me this dress...I used my favorite studded bracelet

Of course we HAD to grub before heading off! This Thai place in San Jose was bombs, I forgot what it was called though. Good food, cheap prices, my type of place! Oh and boba of course :)

Bar area @ Pearl Nightclub

With my lovely cousins!

My cousin took this cool picture in our lounge area....the lights in the club were constantly changing color. This picture reminds me of The Hulk haha

Although I don't club much, I love to DANCE when given the chance!!!

They love me :)

I wish I could recreate the messy bedhead look that my cousin gave me that night....unfortunately I suck at doing hair :(

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