Friday, August 28, 2009

My Current Obsession!

I have found myself reaching for this necklace everyday lately! For some reason, it goes very well with my current outfit choices. I love the pop of color it gives! The boy always marvels over it when I wear it (that's when you know it's extra special--when it captures the attention of an average guy who doesn't really notice things like jewelry in a girl's outfit!), plus I get so many compliments from random strangers! They always ask where I got it :)

Where did I get it, you may ask? From Stephanie of DSK Jewelry!! She makes some pretty amazing pieces! What I like about her work is that it's not too complicated conceptually, but it stands out because of it's sparkly simplicity! She lets the individual, high quality pieces shine...a beautiful Swarovski stone here, gorgeous pearls there...I love it all! I recently acquired 2 beautiful necklaces and 3 pairs of earrings. I gave one of my best friends a pair of Swarovski AB plump lil stars earrings, and she liked them. I also have a pair of silver hearts, a pair of Golden Shadow checkerboards, and the Titanic Heart and the limited edition Holly collabo necklace. I haven't taken any good pictures of the Holly necklace yet, but the Titanic necklace is the one I've been rockin' most often! I looooove it...simple, stunning, and elegant~

See how amazing the color is??? I can't get over how alluringly blue it is! Sometimes I take it out just to look at it even when I'm not wearing it :P And this picture is taken from my simple point and shoot! It looks even better in person! It kinda changes colors...I keep ogling it!

Me, bored in the car while waiting for the bf, listening to my ipod, seeing how the bang pouf would look like with my short hair....and wearing the necklace! :D

Out to lunch...wearing the necklace!

Out to dinner.... wearing the necklace! See how it stands out so much??

And my Golden Shadow checkerboards! I've been wearing these a lot too...

...Especially with my Holly brio necklace! You can't see the earrings in this picture, but you can see the necklace. Wearing them together makes me bling from neck up haha. Sorry I don't have any better pictures right now!

My point is, you've got to check out DSK Jewelry! Steph is super friendly, professional, and talented. And she's funny too :D

I'm saving up for an AB crystal heart necklace and a bracelet next ;)


  1. I love the golden shadow checkerboards-- but it's so hard to find them on the DSK blog!--any helpful hints?

  2. Thank you! I actually got them during a blog sale about 3 weeks ago! :) Actually all my purchases are from Steph's jewelry sales...maybe you can try emailing her to see if she has any more?

  3. Gotta love DSK! I'm addicted myself!

  4. Love your super natural and cute look. The SDK necklace looks so pretty on you! <3

  5. DSK creation... always bling it out!!! gorgeous!

  6. Wow! Your pictures turned out amazing!! Did you enter the model search?!!! <3

  7. wah~ its sooo pretty

    and u look very pretty too

    its perfect for u, especially since u have such great skin! so lucky

    u could be dsk's model!

  8. the checkered DSK earring look so cute and bling!

  9. Uhn..Sorry to say it but.. really, that site is ripping you off~ Takes less than a minute to make, and the materials don't cost nearly that much! o.O You can go to Michaels and buy a swarovski pendant (not expensive) and a packet of bails (the thing the pendant goes on) and just stick it on a chain you have..Eeh. ><